Holistic Services from Award Winning Groomers

We focus on dog grooming that is more for the needs of the dog than just a great hair cut.  We look for products with ingredients that are helpful for all kinds of skin types and products that work well with our beloved earth.  We take our time, build relationships, and work healthy products into our dog's cleaning routine.  With natural products and spa experiences, we strive for an experience we would want for our own furkids.

Food and Diet

Great health starts with a great diet.  DOGnormous believes in proper diet for our pups, so we decided to help our clients find great options for their dogs breakfast and dinners.  We even made it easier by bringing all our foods and supplements available to purchase online. 

We have two fabulous choices, each offering a few different options.  Be sure to check out both features, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!  We love nutrient as much as we love their grooming routines.


Life's Abundance

Life's abundance is a great holistic based kibble, available to both dogs and cats.  This kibble is the recipe produced by a holistic vet to ensure our pets have a proper diet at an affordable cost.  Top quality ingredients and zero recalls make this a great choice for kibble!  Unsure if your pup will enjoy it?  They offer trail size bags of 3 lbs, that way you can try without making a huge commitment.  And the extra bonus is we auto ship available, so you never need to think or worry when you are getting low on kibble.  Read about Life's Abundance options >HERE<


PawTree is a great resource for those raw feeders.  They have made the supplements needed for those homemade raw diets, and some great toppers that help bring in the rarer proteins your can't usually get.  They also have a lot of different protein variety in their kibble choices, mixed with the essential vitamins needed for a healthy pup.  They also have some great items such as dog beds, bowls, and collars.  You can also have a auto ship set up, so you don't have to think about what you need to pick up at the store.  Read about PawTree products >HERE<

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