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Holistic Services from Award Winning Groomers




Dognormous is all about having a personal experience. Our people have a large understanding of dogs, and they push themselves to continue to learn the world of dog. We work hard to keep an holistic mind set by fulfilling mind, body, and puppy soul.

At DOGnormous, our groomers are here to help your pup feel better, not only with our professional services, but with advice on how to help maintain a coat that works for you. Healthy is beautiful, and we pride ourselves in products that not based off of vanity. We use products that are no only keep hair in great condition, but they also work towards maintaining healthy skin. Most of our clients stay on a 4-6 week routine, but each canine is different and brings different needs. We will happily show you how to brush and comb out mats on a regular basis, and discuss what is the most realistic routine that creates a style that is within your ability to maintain.

Not only do we focus on just the pups, but we maintain great products that are healthy for the earth we live on.  No harsh chemicals are allowed in our salon.  We bath your dog with soft, healthy products, and we clean our facility with green products as well.  We working towards a small footprint on this earth.

Our boutique is on it’s way! We are working towards building a boutique that matches our personal experience from grooming. We look for items that are made for an individual, rather than something that can be mass produced. We look for quality over quantity ordered and we try to stick with small business here in the U.S. All our items will be picked through the idea, would this work for the Dognormous dog? High quality collars, leashes, foods, treats, and toys to offer. We will also have all our grooming products from the salon, available to you, because we know how important health is to all our clients.

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DOGnormous has high standards, and we wouldn't be who we are without the people who are with us!


Nicole - Groomer/Owner


Nicole has loved working with dogs since she was a little girl. She originally went to school to do art & architecture, but life circumstances lead her towards grooming, where she took her art degree and made dogs her new canvas. Working through many salons in the Chicago Land Area, she wanted something give a more one on one appointment, rather than the typical grooming appointment, to allow her to help dogs with skin issues and her show dog clients. Dognormous was formed.

Nicole is Pet CPR certified and has taken many other courses on, not only dog grooming related course, but pet industry related courses, such as vet classes and chemistry in beauty products, to help achieve a better understanding in her clients. Nicole is also an active member in the International Society of Canine Cosmotologists (ISCC) and National Dog Groomers Association of American (NDGAA) and working for a master title in both. She has also finished her schooling towards towards her Canine Aesthetician certification as well.

Nicole also competes around the US, against other groomers to help better her skills. She has brought a collection of trophies home to show for, and hopes for one day, to achieve a spot on Groom Team USA and join them to represent our country in the world grooming competition.

In Nicole’s down time, she likes to show her Cocker Spaniel and help out her friends show Westies and Scotties at the dog shows around the area. You would have seen some of Nicole’s grooms at the Westminster Kennel Club show, Crufts dog show, and the World dog show, just to name a few. And when she isn’t grooming and showing dogs, you’ll find her with her gardening shears, shaping and pruning.

Nicole not only grooms, but she offers one on one private tutoring to those wanting to expand their knowledge in grooming and showing.